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A recording studio with a lot of EDM equipment and tips.


In conclusion, implementing these EDM tips can significantly enhance your music production skills and help you create high-quality tracks. Remember to focus on sound selection, arrangement, mixing, and mastering to achieve a professional sound. Practice regularly and experiment with different techniques to find your unique style and sound. Stay updated on the latest trends and […]

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A drummer's paradise, featuring a screen with a drum machine and an accompanying drum set.

Virtual Drummer LEGEND

Home » Plugin » Virtual Drummer LEGEND Virtual Drummer LEGEND By: UJAM Drums From the 70s Enter the studio of the ‘70s icons who innovated the dry drum sound. This punchy drummer cuts through mixes with a warm, retro feel. Customize LEGEND for varnished beats and raw jams alike. Exclusive was £ 86.00 Save 30%

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Pxel - a digital synthesizer with a variety of controls.

Usynth PIXEL

Home » Plugin » Usynth PIXEL Usynth PIXEL By: UJAM Retro Gaming Adventures Usynth PIXEL takes you back to the days of classic game consoles of the 80s and 90s. We joined forces with legendary composer David Wise (Donkey Kong) to deliver the real deal. Exclusive AAX , AU , VST , VST2 Get It

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Music app, score

Virtual Pianist SCORE

Home » Plugin » Virtual Pianist SCORE Virtual Pianist SCORE By: UJAM Grand piano model based on recordings of a Steinway D Grand piano If you love movies and games, you know just how much the backing music can make or break the feeling of a story. With more than 150 powerful presets, Virtual Pianist

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A microphone and headphones on a desk.

The Art of Layering: Unlocking the Secrets to Professional Music Production

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