A screen displaying a MIDI wizard with a wand.

MIDI Wizard

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A screen displaying a MIDI wizard with a wand.

MIDI Wizard

The World's First (And Only) Chord Progression & Melody Generator

That's Genre-Specific & Actually Sounds Good 93% Of The Time Instantly Generate

Crazy Chord Progressions

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MIDI Wizard

Monstrous Distortion Right At Your Fingertips

Instantly Generate Mind-Blowing Melodies
Your song's melody can be the determining factor for whether a listener will skip it or play it on repeat.

In order for your melodies to be radio worthy... They need to trigger emotion, be memorable, have call and response among other things.

With MIDI Wizard, you'll be able to hook your listeners with custom generated melodies that follow proven patterns from hit songs.
Get Infinite Inspiration On Demand
If you've ever hit a brick wall half way into a song you know how frustrating producer's block is.

With MIDI Wizard, you'll be able to randomly generate unlimited pro-level chord progressions & melodies instantly...

So, you can never run out of ideas, deal with producer's block, or aimlessly stare at a blank DAW again.

And, you'll get the inspiration you need to complete your unfinished projects so you can finally release them.

Finish Your Music In Record Time

If you want to achieve any level of success as a producer, consistently finishing music is essential.

That's because without finishing music, you won't be able to master the entire production process or actually get your music out to the world.

With MIDI Wizard you'll have the ability to generate the foundation for your songs in seconds to maximize your output.

Say goodbye to spending hours chord progressions & melodies and start working smart to finish music lighting-fast.
Gain An Unfair Competitive Edge

With over 305,802 producers downloading a DAW every single day... competition is at an all time high in 2021 — making it tough to break through.

With MIDI Wizard, you'll have the unique ability to instantly generate beautiful chord progressions and pro-level melodies.

So, you can get miles ahead of other producers and gain a massive competitive edge and be set up for success.

Even producers with years of experience and expensive studio gear won't be able to keep up with your insane output

Get Your Music The Attention It Deserves

In today's busy world, people's attention spans are shorter than ever before.

If you want to get any recognition in 2021, your music needs to impact people on a primal level to hook them.

With MIDI Wizard, you'll be able to instantly generate captivating chord progressions and catchy melodies.

So, instead of your friends & family talking over your demos, they'll be begging to hear more of your music.

Instantly Generate Radio-Worthy Chord Progressions & Melodies In 30 Different Genres

All The Demos Below Were Generated With MIDI Wizard... With Just 1 Click Of A Button:


  • requires the latest version of the  to run on your computer
  • The OS requirements below apply to the App as well

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 or later
  • macOS X 10.14 or later
  • 64bit only

Minimum Requirements

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 3.3 GB of free Disk Space
  • 1280x768px Display
  • Internet Connection

Plug-in Formats

  • VST 2, AU 2 and AAX
  • AU 2 version only compatible with Logic Pro X and newer
  • Moving your .blob file to an external drive isn’t supported

Delivery Format

  • Downloadable Installer File


  • Log into to the unison.audio account to authorize

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MIDI Wizard


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