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Latest Plug-in

A drummer's paradise, featuring a screen with a drum machine and an accompanying drum set.

Virtual Drummer LEGEND

Pxel - a digital synthesizer with a variety of controls.

Usynth PIXEL

Music app, score

Virtual Pianist SCORE

A berserk beatmaker with a blue and white interface filled with buttons and knobs.


A screen shot of a berserk synthesizer.

Beatmaker Berserk

KSHMR's reverb-soaked production.

KSHMR Reverb

A screen shot of the circuits synthesizer.


Melody saxophone - sampler - free download featuring Melody Sauce 2.

Melody Sauce 2

A virtual pianist app, showcasing its vibrant vibes.

Virtual Pianist VIBE

A synthesizer interface with a green screen displaying BRAAASS sounds.


The interface of the sparkle synthesizer.


Vst plugins for synthesizers, including modular and 2 others.

Synth Modular 2

A screen shot of a monkey playing music on a yellow background.

Drum Monkey

A screen displaying a MIDI wizard with a wand.

MIDI Wizard

A screen shot of a website with vibrant colors showcasing Sound Doctor.

Sound Doctor

A screen shot of a Mangler monster on a purple background.


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