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Create Professional Tracks with Ease: With FL Studio 21’s Deep-House Template, you can create professional sounding tracks in no time. This template includes all the essential elements of a deep-house track including kicks, snares, basslines, and more. Plus, it offers an intuitive user interface so you can quickly and easily customize your sound.

Unlimited Creative Possibilities: FL Studio 21’s Deep-House Template provides endless creative possibilities. You can use it to craft unique sounds or to remix an existing track. It also includes built in effects and mastering tools so you can create a polished sound that stands out from the crowd.

Professional Quality Loops & Samples: The Deep-House Template comes loaded with professional quality loops and samples that are sure to take your production to the next level. These include hard hitting drums, melodic synth lines, warm basslines, and more – all designed to give your music a contemporary edge.

Mix & Match Elements for Unique Sounds: With the FL Studio 21 Deep-House Template you can mix and match different elements to create unique sounds that are truly yours. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something cutting edge, this template has everything you need to craft your own signature style.

Easy Integration into Your Workflow: The FL Studio 21 Deep-House Template is designed to seamlessly integrate into any production workflow. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro, this template will help you quickly get up and running with ease.

Versatile Sound Design: FL Studio 21 Deep-House Template provides producers with a powerful, versatile and creative sound design tool. This template comes packed with comprehensive content such as an extensive library of sounds, samples and effects ranging from classic house to modern Deep-House. It also includes pre-made grooves and live instrumentation that can be easily manipulated to create unique tracks.

Professional Production Quality: With FL Studio 21 Deep-House Template, you get access to professional production quality tools to craft high quality deep house tracks. The intuitive interface allows users to quickly find the right sounds, samples and effects needed for a project without having to dive too deeply into technical knowledge. This template also features flexible routing options that allow producers to achieve their desired sound with ease.

Comprehensive Arrangement Tools: FL Studio 21 Deep-House Template offers an array of tools that enhance the production process and help you create complex arrangements in minutes. From basic looped beats and synth lead lines to intricate vocal processing, this template has all the components necessary for crafting polished deep house tunes from start to finish.

Rich Sonic Palette: With its expansive sonic palette, FL Studio 21 Deep-House Template provides producers with an array of options for sculpting their soundscapes. From vintage analogue synths and classic drum machines to contemporary vocal chops and modern FX processing, this template delivers everything producers need for crafting cutting edge deep house techniques.

Easy To Use Interface: FL Studio 21 has been designed with usability in mind, making it easy for novice producers to quickly understand how the various elements work together in a project. The intuitive drag & drop feature allows users to quickly add sounds or samples into any arrangement without having to fuss



What are the main reasons for buying this product:
– this is a good starting point for your next big hit
– midi files and loops (easy to be replaced with your own drumkit)
– very easy to learn from it;
– easy to follow all instruments (all elements are named and color-coded);
– to avoid any issues all presets and audio samples are exported into separated folders as well;
– all our products are mixed and mastered;

NOTE: Make sure that you have the latest versions for all Plugins that are used in this Template!

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1 FL Studio Template ( FL Studio 21)

2 Easy Organised Workflow Template (FLP) bonus



  • FL STUDIO 21
  • MIX TRACK : 23
  • MIDI TRACK : 2
  • BPM: 130:00
  • Duration : 02:35
  • FILE SIZE : 60.4 MB
  • Fully  Mastered
  • NOTE: Make sure that you have the latest versions for all Plugins that are used in this Template!

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