House MIDI Melodic Pack Vol 4 featuring midi melodies and house music.


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Unleash Your Creative Potential:

House MIDI Melodic Pack Vol 4 is the perfect tool to help experienced producers and beginner beat makers alike in their quest to create unique and professional sounding music that stands out from the rest. With hundreds of professionally crafted MIDI loops covering a wide range of styles, this pack allows its users to explore their creative potential with ease.

Get Professional Quality Tracks Quickly:

This pack offers an extensive library of high-quality MIDI loops that are ready to be used right away in any DAW. All you need to do is drag and drop a loop into your project, and you’ll instantly be able to start crafting your next hit track. With House MIDI Melodic Pack Vol 4, you can get professional quality tracks quickly and easily.

Endless Possibilities:

With House MIDI Melodic Pack Vol 4, you’ll never run out of ideas for your music production. This pack contains hundreds of different midi patterns that can be combined with one another or reworked however you see fit for an infinite number of song possibilities. So don’t let any creative block stand in your way – get inspired with House MIDI Melodic Pack Vol 4!

Wide Range Of Genres Covered:

House MIDI Melodic Pack Vol 4 offers a diverse selection of genres covered by its comprehensive collection of midi loops, ranging from hip hop and EDM to dubstep and trap. Whether you’re looking for deep basslines or funky synth riffs, this pack has everything you need to make your own signature sound in any genre.

Ideal For Live Performances:

House MIDI Melodic Pack Vol 4 is not only great for studio use but it’s also well


You’ll quickly select from 100+ MIDI chords & progressions available at your fingertips…

Drag & drop them into your projects and create professional-sounding chords & progressions instantly.

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