Cubase 11 GIGI Template for progressive house.

Cubase 11 Progressive-House Template GIGI

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Professional Quality Production: This Cubase 11 Progressive-House Template is the perfect tool to get your music production started. With a wide range of tools and features, you can create high-quality professional sounding tracks in no time. The template includes all the instruments, effects and mix settings you need to craft your next progressive house hit.

Easy To Use Interface: This template has been designed with an intuitive user interface, so that anyone from beginners to experts can easily make use of its powerful features. With instant access to all the necessary elements for making a great sounding track, this template makes creating progressive house music easier than ever before.

Comprehensive Library of Sounds: This template comes packed with a comprehensive library of sounds including drums, basslines, leads and synths. All sounds have been carefully crafted for maximum impact and can be used for both live shows and studio recordings. The included samples are royalty free so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues when using them in your own projects.

Mixing & Mastering Tools: This template also includes all the necessary tools for mixing and mastering your finished tracks. You’ll find high quality compressors, EQs, reverb processors and more to help add depth and clarity to your sound. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to take your productions up a notch in no time!

Professional Quality Templates: This Cubase 11 Progressive House Template has been created by experienced professionals who know exactly what it takes to make great sounding music. By utilizing their decades of experience they have crafted a comprehensive template that is sure to provide users with all they need in order to achieve professional results quickly and efficiently every time.

Grab your copy now and discover how we made this track. This is a great way to find how we layer sounds, how the elements are mixed. This can help you to make similar tracks. Just replace our midi with your own, and your next big Techno track is ready. To avoid any issues, into the zip file you will find all folders with 1 midi files, 1 folder with all audio samples and 1 folder with all presets that are used for this track and more.


Product Specs

  • DAW: Cubase 11
  • BPM: 128
  • MIDI Channels: 6
  • MIX Channels: 13


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